Author: Eric Johnson
Date: July 8, 2023

Navigating the Journey of Children and Eyeglasses: Tips for Parents

It is quite common nowadays to wear eyeglasses. Whether it's for an adult or for a kid, it should not be a concern to wear eyeglasses. If you are also a parent and you found in a check-up that your child needs eyeglasses, you might feel worried. 

But this is very common in today's world. Many parents have gone through it and they are not worried now. In fact, according to a report about 25% of school-aged kids required eyeglasses. Here are some tips for parents to ensure that their child has a good journey with eyeglasses if it begins. 

1. Choose the Right Frames:

The very first step is to choose the right frame of eyeglasses for your kid. And this should be definitely chosen by your child, so they can take what they like. Meet the optician with your child and let your kid tryout the best different kinds of frames available. If they like the designs, it is more likely to be worn by them. 

2. Make it a Positive Experience: 

When your child receives their new eyeglasses, celebrate the occasion! Talk about how glasses will help them see better and how cool they look in their new frames. Emphasize the benefits rather than focusing on any negative aspects. Creating a positive association with their eyeglasses will make them more likely to wear them without resistance.

3. Establish a Routine

Consistency is key when it comes to helping your child adjust to wearing eyeglasses. You should make your child have a specific time of when to put and take off the eyeglasses. This can develop a good habit of wearing glasses on required time and would not be felt as an extra activity for them. 

4. Educate Your Child's Teachers and Caregivers: 

Furthermore, it is good to inform your child's teacher and fellows about their optical device. This might seem a little vague but this can have really a good impact on what they think and believe about themselves having eyeglasses. This would not give them a feeling that they are out of the crowd. 

5. Encourage Proper Care

Proper care of the eyeglasses is another important aspect. As not every time you can be with them, it is necessary for them to learn how they can handle their eyeglasses. They need to know how to clean, store and handle their eyeglasses. By instilling good habits early on, you'll help prolong the life of their eyewear and reduce the risk of damage.

6. Stay Positive and Patient: 

With your child, you need to stay posting and have patience at the same time. It is not necessary that every child will experience it normally. It might be a discomfort for your child while starting with eyeglasses. You need to encourage them and let them know how the eyeglasses are helpful for them. With time being passed with their glasses, they would definitely understand how it's helpful for them to wear. 

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