Author: Eric Johnson
Date: July 11, 2022

How to choose frames for your eyeglasses

How to choose a frame for your eyeglasses? Could they be more comfortable? Are there any that look better? I don’t have much money, what’s the best I can get it for?

If you are comfortable and look great, that’s all you need. But…

You don’t need to be a fashion expert to choose frames for eyeglasses that look great on you. Ejones Opticals makes finding the right frames simple.

Best eyeglasses for your eyes

One essential tip, do not prioritise aesthetics over comfort. Once you get used to your new smart look, comfort will be the only reason you keep wearing those glasses.

To pick the frames that suit your style the best, use these 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Figure out the shape of your face

It would help to know your face-shape when selecting a spectacle (or hairstyle), know what each type looks like and see which matches yours - we recommend taking a selfie and using the marker feature of the camera app to trace each shape over your face.

Make sure your new look stands out by choosing glasses that contrast your prominent facial features!

Types of Face-Shape


People with a rounded face have it as wide as it is long with  no pointiness. Medium-sized glasses with a pointed shape, like a square frame, would suit them well.


People with an oval face have it slimmer and longer due to a narrow jawline, smaller forehead and slightly rounded chin. Most glasses will tend to be too large for them, but pointy-shaped ones would contrast them well.


People with a square face have a wide forehead and jawline. Most glasses will tend to be too small for them, but circular shapes would contrast them well.


People with a triangular face have a wider forehead and pointed chin. Aviators or cat-eyes would suit them well.


People with a heart-shaped face have similar features as a triangular one, except they have rounded cheeks. Any pointy-shaped glasses that are generally smaller would contrast them well.

If you’re still confused about what your face-shape is, get in touch with us and let us help you out.

Step 2: Pick a colour that goes with your skin tone

This is similar to picking out the right colour for your clothes, but with spectacles in general we would recommend that you find your undertone first.

People with a cooler undertone will be better off going for darker shades like black, space grey or deep blue.

People with a warmer undertone will be better off going for vibrant shades like red, pink and tan.

People with a neutral undertone could go either way, so just go ahead and pick a colour that suits your personality!

Step 3: Give some thought to the setting and lifestyle

Ever heard of “Dress the part”? Same thing.

You don’t want to be in a professional setting with wacky-looking frames. Conversely, those are just the kind of frames you would have fun wearing to a party.

Professional frames would be plain, light and so comfortable that you forget that you’re wearing them so it doesn’t take away any of the focus off work. 

You may also want to consider getting your lenses coated with a blue-light filter, if you’re someone who is in front of a screen a lot.

Or If you’re someone who goes through physical strain on a daily basis, like farmers or athletes, you want glasses that are sturdy and can endure.

That’s basically three the main types of frame-wear:

  • Professional
  • Party
  • Sports

If you’ve got the money to splurge, set aside different frames for each setting or if you rather have a one-size-fits-all then I cannot stress enough that you must pick one which is comfortable first and aesthetic second.

Have fun spectacle shopping!
And why not stick around a while to check out our very own spectacle collection or have a chat with one of our eye specialists.

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