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Driving License Eye Test In Kerala

As well as the on-road and theory tests, you will also have to pass an eye test to receive your license. At Ejones Opticials, we measure several aspects of your vision for our eye tests for driving licenses. Every part of your eyesight we test is essential to your safety when out on the road. 
Using visual acuity screening, we can ascertain whether you can make out road signs and markings, while our contrast sensitivity test gauges your ability to identify patterns or objects in varying light levels. We'll also be checking both central and peripheral vision. 
The test can be taken wearing glasses or contact lenses, but if we identify a problem with your vision, you will need to change your prescription before a license can be issued.
We're here to help you finally get that driver's license!

RTO Approved Eye Test Centre

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Ejones Opticals is RTO approved Driving Licence Eye Test in Kerala. Ejones Opticals is an RTO trusted agent in Kerala. We are an authorized company for undertaking RTO driving license eye tests. We provide complete optometry solutions in Kerala. 

Our services are vision Screening, eye test, optometry, contact lens fitting, and RTO-approved driving license eye test. Better vision is more quality of your life, and better vision is a professional eyesight test with an eye care specialist to provide you with the right individual prescription lenses. Ejones Opticals is a leading Optical Shop in Kerala. We provide professional service to our valuable customers with the best satisfaction. We always give priority to our customer happiness and satisfaction. We welcome you to the journey of Eye Care World.

Best Equipment used For Testing Vision For Driver's License

Ejones opticals is one of the leading driving eye test centers in Kerala. We are fully equipped with the latest hi-tech Equipment such as a phoropter, an auto refractometer, lensometer, and vision screen. Our eye clinic is the only optical store in North Kerala with phoropter technology, the modern eye test technology that helps in contactless consultation.
A tonometer is the best Equipment for driving an eye test and has been used to measure the eye's internal pressure for decades. High pressure may damage the optic nerve and cause conditions like glaucoma, which may reduce the understanding of the vision for a driver's license.
The phoropter is modern technology equipment used to measure the refractive error and prescribe corrective lenses for each eye during an exam by switching multiple lenses in front of a patient's eyes by an optometrist. The correct prescription depends on the responses of the patient.
This is used to identify the refractive error and determine the correct prescription of eyeglasses in cases where the patient cannot give feedback to the optometrist due to certain health conditions.

The autorefractor is a more sophisticated device that helps diagnose the eye's refractive index and make a correct eyeglass or contact lens prescription. The patient must look into the machine, which automatically adjusts an inbuilt picture to obtain the right prescription. It is convenient because it's quick, simple, and accurate results.
Retinal Camera
A retinal camera is a device used to capture an image of the eye's interior surface, particularly the retina. It is essential in studying the patient's retina, allowing eyecare physicians to monitor changes in the retina over a period and accurately diagnose diseases.

An ophthalmoscope is used to examine the interior of the eye. It is particularly useful for scanning the retina. The eyes are dilated using eye drops to dilate the pupils, followed by identifying the indicators of possible eye diseases affecting one's vision for driver's license requirements.

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