Author: Eric Johnson
Date: September 1, 2022

Foggy Eye Lens: Tips To Keep Eyeglasses From Getting Foggy

Are your eyeglasses foggy up all of the time? If so, there's a good chance that your lenses are dirty. When you wear them, the space behind the eye lens collects lots of sweat and other fluids even on a dry day. This is dirtier than you might know! The urge to clean your glasses (tips to take care of your eyeglasses) can be overwhelming sometimes. But how do you keep your eyes protected and your eye health in check? Here are some tips on how to keep yourself and your glasses safe. 

Women walk with face mask and fogging up

1. Use a nose clip 

A nose clip is a simple but effective way to keep your glasses from fogging. It's just a piece of material you can slide over the top of your mask and hold in place. This will prevent condensation from building up on the inside of your glasses, which is why most people find it necessary to use them when swimming in cold water.  

If there's too much moisture build-up at any point along the path between you and the surface, water vapor can easily escape through tiny cracks or openings in these areas. 

If your masks don't have nose clips, you can purchase self-adhesive silicone nose clips online or stitch in a homemade version of your own using: 

  • pipe cleaners 
  • paper clips 
  • twist ties 

2. Wash your eyeglasses with soap and water 

Wash your glasses with warm water and soap.  A simple way to clean your glasses is to use a gentle dish soap, which has properties that can reduce fogging. Use a soft cloth to gently clean the lens, not a rough one that could scratch the surface of your lenses. If you have doubts about whether or not you should be using soap on your glasses, then don't. It's highly recommended! 

3. Spritz with antifog eye lens spray 

Several commercially available antifog sprays coat your glasses with a see-through film to prevent fogging. Many are formulated for use on eyeglasses, personal protective equipment, swim goggles, and diving masks.  

Look for a brand that won't damage protective coatings on your eyewear. Ensure that the bottle is sealed and that none of the contents has spilled onto anything else. You don't want to accidentally ruin your glasses by misting them with the anti-fogging solution! 

To use this new miracle worker on your glasses: 

  • Shake off any excess spray from both sides of each lens before wiping with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth (which will help remove dust). 
  • Use another clean cloth to dry off both lenses thoroughly before replacing them with their cases and storing them away for later use! 

4. Tape your mask down (with sports or medical tape) 

Another trick healthcare professionals use when it comes time to tape down the edges of your mask to seal it from the moisture inside your nose is sports or medical tape. This creates a better seal and prevents any warm air from reaching your lenses. 

Test the tape beforehand to ensure that it won't irritate your skin if you have sensitive skin. You can also use special tape for sensitive skin. 

5. Adjust Your Glasses

Allowing more air to flow around the lenses of your glasses will help prevent fogging. You may hold your glasses in place by slightly adjusting the nose pads or arms. Your optometrist may need to modify frames that are too near to your face, but there are only so many things they can do. If fogging occurs frequently, your glasses' frame size might not be correct. A new frame with additional separation between the lenses and your face can be an option.

6. Try antifog wipes 

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to clean your eyeglasses, try using antifog wipes. Wipes work great as an alternative to soap and water because they have a cleaning agent that won't damage or scratch the lens. You can use them on your lenses and frames, which will help keep everything in tip-top shape! 

  • Gently wipe away any dirt or smudges with an antifog wipe 
  • Rinse off residue thoroughly with clear water (or saliva if necessary) 


Hopefully, we've helped you find some solutions to your glasses. Keep in mind that, if possible, always keep your eyes closed when using antifog wipes on them. This will help prevent unnecessary waste of these important items and ensure that they aren't just thrown away after a single use! 

While these small hacks can help you limit the condensation on your glasses, they are not 100% effective and are constraining to maintain in the long run. Choosing lenses with an anti-fog coating is a more sustainable and practical solution to enjoy a fog-free vision for a new way of life. Ejones opticals, the best opticals in Kerala can assist you selecting the best option available.

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