Author: Eric Johnson
Date: August 4, 2021

8 Signs That Screams It's Time For An Eye Test

Having regular eye test is necessary for monitoring your vision and detecting any condition early. We remain unsure regarding when to visit an eye care clinic. An adult should undergo an eye exam once a year while a child should give her/his first visit before 9 months old. Your doctor won't be simply prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses but, they will identify a wide range of diseases like diabetics and cancer by looking into your eyes. Here are eight signs you should get an eye exam.

Hard to see at night

Hard to see at night

If you have difficulties driving at night, you might have a change in your vision. If you have difficulty seeing the colors of roads, street lights at night, you need to visit an eye clinic. With, these symptoms you could experience night blindness. Night blindness is a condition in which an individual can see perfectly well under adequate lighting but struggle in low lighting conditions. It is not a disease by itself but a symptom of underlying eye problems like cataracts and other retinal problems.

Can't remember the last eye exam

If you can't remember when you had an eye exam or, it's been longer than a year, you are overdue. Having an eye exam once a year is necessary to ensure the health of your eye. Your optometrist will recommend getting an eye exam depending on your eye health and they will prescribe contact lenses or eyeglasses from economical eyewear brands.

Have health condition affecting eyes

If you have diabetics, thyroid, high blood pressure, or any other health condition that can affect the health of your eyes, you have to consult an optometrist frequently. Keeping these medical conditions under control with regular eye exams is essential. Also, if you have a family history like diabetics or glaucoma, you may need eye tests frequently, especially during your 40s and beyond.

The eye seems dry and itchy

Dry itchy Eyes

If your eyes are experiencing itchiness, redness, or dryness, visit an eye clinic as soon as you can. Prolonged use of a computer or mobile screen and allergies can make your eyes dry and itchy. It can be a symptom of a dry eye. A dry eye is a condition where your eyes cannot produce enough tears to provide adequate moisture.

Experience frequent headaches

Headache behind the eye

Tension around muscles, stress, and inflammation could lead to frequent headaches and migraines. Spending an extended amount of time in front of a computer screen can cause eyestrain or headaches. If you often work in front of a screen or dim light, take a break after every hour and use protective eyeglass.

Squint your eyes more

Squinting Bad For Your Eyes

If you notice that you have been squinting to read signals, hold books further away from your face or close one eye to read them clearly, appoint an optometrist.

If you find any slight change in your vision, it is necessary to get an eye exam and make sure your eyes are healthy and fine.

Feel fatigued frequently

Problems in focusing on things and sudden blurry vision are a sign that may show serious health problems. Eye fatigue results from blurry vision or when you regularly squint or blink to bring items into focus. Sometimes, it can also occur from driving, writing, or mobile phone addiction. If you are a prolonged screen user, try taking a regular break or use eyeglass. If your eyes often get tired, the fatigue persists, consult an optometrist.

Flashes, floaters, or obstructed vision

If you get sudden visual disturbances such as floaters or flashes of light followed by obstruction of vision, you immediately need to schedule an appointment with your optometrist. Flashes, floaters, and spots are typically no cause for concern. However, if you suddenly see a group of new ones, it can be symptoms of retinal detachment, a hole, or retinal tear.

It is critical to have clear eyesight, and you should take proactive measures to protect your eyes. You must choose a skilled ophthalmologist with the correct expertise and experience to make the proper diagnosis and treatment in order to keep your eyesight and prevent vision loss. Ejones Opticals is a modern eye testing centre in Payyanur  with cutting-edge technology such as a phoropter, auto refractometer, lensometer, and vision screen.

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