Author: Eric Johnson
Date: August 9, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Instantly Switch From Glasses to Contact Lenses

Any person who wears eye glasses will completely understand what it means when they hear the expression "with great power comes great responsibility"! The fight is extremely REAL, as you must be aware if you have ever worn glasses. Oh, how annoying it is to watch 3D movies, our glasses getting all blurry when we drink tea list goes on and on, my friends!

If you have also encountered these issues, I promise you that you should switch to contact lenses right away! I understand that switching could seem intimidating at first, but I'll give you —- reasons why you should do it right away.

Is it worth switching to contact lenses?


Many reasons make contact lenses a smart choice. Contact lenses can be a safer and more practical alternative to eyeglasses for correcting vision.

Follow your eye doctor's instructions and guidelines at all times to ensure the most comfortable experience with your contact lenses. It's also crucial to remember that all contact lenses, including cosmetic ones that don't correct vision but alter the colour or appearance of the eye, are medical devices that require a doctor's prescription.

The following are some reasons why switching to contact lenses makes sense:

1. Contact Lenses Get a Full Field of Focused Vision

Contact lenses, as opposed to spectacles, move with your eyes and provide you a fine peripheral vision. Even if you wear multifocal contact lenses, you can focus on a variety of things and have a wider field of vision than with prescription eyeglasses.

Your eyelids shield these contact lenses as they rest pleasantly on the curves of your eyeball. Weather patterns like rain and fog won't influence your contacts, nor will they become steamy and foggy in humid circumstances. In other words, you can wear contacts in practically any conditions without sacrificing vision clarity.

2. Contact Lenses Can Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Thanks to contact lenses, you can lead an best lifestyle with even more freedom and choice. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses are less noticeable and lighter than eyeglasses, so they aren't as likely to fall off or bounce up and down while you play football.

For athletes and sportspeople who play competitive sports, contact lenses offer an attractive vision correction option . You may be certain that your contact lenses won't fall out of your eye, even if you lead an active lifestyle and enjoy morning jogs or cross-fit sessions. Additionally, it will be more comfortable to wear protective headgear like helmets, hats, or safety glasses.

3. Contact Lenses Can Increase Your Confidence

You can play around with your appearance by attempting several eyeglass frames when wearing eyeglasses. Additionally, contact lenses might help you feel and see better about yourself. Contact lenses do not have frames that enclose your face like eyeglasses do. Instead, you can appear natural so that when you're speaking, the other person will notice your face and eyes rather than your glasses.

4. Contact Lens are resistant to damage

Contact lenses have many benefits over spectacles, one of which is that they do not break. You can just forget about it after wearing it. Quality glasses, on the other hand, could be pricey but delicate. Your glasses' frame could be broken if you drop or sit on them by accident. 

5. Contact Lens are impervious to lens fog

If you wear  eye glasses, you've probably encountered lens fog at least once. The glass lenses can become fogged by simple circumstances like temperature changes or rain.

With contact lenses, rain or any other weather-related change has no effect on your vision. You can see well without stopping to clean your contact lenses.

6. Contact Lens fit any style

Some people think that certain eyeglasses frames finish off the look. However, some people think that wearing glasses interferes with their sense of style. Even while you might first like your frame, if your sense of style changes, you could wish to switch to contacts.

Thick lenses or uncomfortable frames are not present with contact lenses. Since contact lenses are so almost invisible, nobody will even notice that you are wearing them. Contact lenses, especially colourless ones, will never go out of style.

7. Contact Lens are more comfortable than glasses

The glasses are not particularly cosy. Individuals who wear glasses frequently express headache complaints as a result of a change in prescription or as their eyes adjust to changes in vision. Additionally irritating to the nasal bridge is because of wearing glasses for extended periods of time.

There is nothing that can irritate the skin or give someone headaches when wearing contact lenses. You won't even notice you are wearing it after you put it on. The first time you wear your contact lenses, there will be a brief period of adjustment and you might struggle to put them in. The soreness is slight, though.

8. They are convenient for sports and physical activities 

When engaging in strenuous activity, wearing glasses reduces your performance and mobility. Some people's glasses are their only source of vision correction, however wearing glasses while participating in sports is not always safe. For instance, it is prohibited to wear eyeglasses when engaging in contact sports like boxing, wrestling, and other combat sports.  For circumstances involving a lot of physical activity, contact lenses are the ideal choice.

Tips for moving to contact lenses

  • Make sure your hands are thoroughly cleaned

You are placing anything you are holding in your hands between your contacts and your eyes, so keep that in mind. For this reason, you ought to always wash your hands before putting in or taking out your contact lenses. The best method to prevent eye irritation or harm is to keep your hands clean before touching the lenses.

  • Never exchange your lenses between your eyes

Make a conscious effort to store each contact lens in its appropriate holder after use to prevent eye issues. Mixing contact lenses might result in headaches and blurred vision.

Follow the replacement schedule for your contacts when wearing them

Contact lenses are too pricey for some wearers. This urges the user to put off replacing their contact lenses according to the recommended schedule. Avoid making this error.

Wearing contact lenses beyond the replacement schedule can result in significant eye problems, eye discomfort, and infections. Wear contact lenses only as directed to protect your eyes' health. If you wear contact lenses every day, for instance, you should discard them at the end of the day and start a fresh set the following morning. 

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to spectacles when using good hygiene. You will understand why so many individuals choose contact lenses over glasses as long as you keep your hands clean, store each contact lens in its case, and wear it on a regular basis.


A simple move from glasses to contact lenses can free you to engage in daily activities with improved eyesight. The option to select from a wide range of lens designs is another benefit of contact lenses. These days, you can choose from a wide range of fashionable patterns and colours for contact lenses to best fit your demands. Even when using coloured contact lenses, your eyes will still have the best possible natural appearance because these lenses are made to precisely match the iris features.

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