Author: Eric Johnson
Date: August 9, 2022

How Blue Light Filter Eyeglasses Improves Eye Health

Blue light is in abundance on modern displays and because blue light has an impact on eye health and sleep, it's a good idea to decrease it with choices like a blue light filter for your computer or even better, a blue-light filter coating for your eyeglass. Blue light filter eyeglasses have risen in popularity over the past year. They are made to minimize the unpleasant side effects brought on by prolonged screen time. The glasses include specialized lenses that are believed to shield the retina from harm and block or at least filter out specific light wavelengths from devices.

It’s unfortunate that blue light is a requirement in most devices with a screen and that it can induce eye strain, disrupt sleep as well as other problems.

But there's no need to be afraid of your screen if you take a few easy safeguards.

Can blue light filter eyeglasses help with eye strain?

Blue light glasses

Although many people report eye discomfort when using digital screens, the majority of the problems are actually classified as computer vision syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain.

While staring at the screen, your eyes are moving and changing their focus all the time. Additionally, the contrast and glare can be difficult on your eyes. So, even though you can have itchy eyes from spending all day at the computer, the blue light itself is not the cause of your discomfort.

So there is no damage in wearing blue light glasses even though they are ineffective at reducing digital eye strain.

Nature and effects of blue light

Consider light to be electromagnetic radiation with a huge frequency, energy, and wavelength range ranging from gamma (as small as 1 trillionth of a meter) to sub-radio (as big as the cosmos since there is no conceivable upper limit).

Between the two extremes resides a very small proportion that human eyes can perceive, known as the visible spectrum. The visible spectrum and the rainbow hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Blue light rays have the shortest wavelengths (380 nm to 500 nm) of all other hues in the visible spectrum because they contain the most energy photons.

Various methods that light up the displays of electronic gadgets employ wavelengths in this area. The sun, on the other hand, is the most important source of blue light. As a result, it's reasonable to wonder how dangerous blue light can genuinely be.

Now, speaking on an evolutionary basis, humans were used to living and working outdoors until not long ago. Thanks to technology, most of us stay inside all the time either at work or at home under light bulbs, and have no real exposure to sunlight. What blue light does is, disrupt the natural cycle of the body that the human race has been following for eons. 

Hence, it is safe to say that blue light appears to be both incredibly useful and terribly hazardous. The best course of action is to develop strategies to optimize blue light intake to regularize your natural body clock and get blue light glasses to avoid strain with the loss of sleep.

There are quite many options, apps, and software that you can use to change the warmth of the light projected by your screen, warmer meaning that it’ll be more reddish.

The iPhone for example has a function called night shift mode that can be found in the settings and utilized so that the phone automatically increases the warmth of the screen light so the screen causes less strain on your eyes around bedtime.

Our body recognizes blue light as coming from the sun (the sky is blue) which means the body prevents the production of hormones that induces sleep because our body thinks it's daytime.

Warm light on the other hand such as that from a sunset signals our body that it is about to turn dark and accordingly initiates the production of sleep hormones.

Blue light filter eyeglasses

Blue light glasses are said to be crafted specifically with the purpose to filter out blue light and save your eyes from excessive strain.

Although according to some research, blue light doesn’t directly cause any diseases, the computer screen can. So it is no harm in wearing blue light filter eyeglasses while using the computer and also full day.

Though with computer eyeglasses that are coated with a blue light filter and need to be worn all day, we suggest that you choose eyeglass frames that are thin and light.

Eyeglasses that need to be worn all day should be thin and light so they don’t put too much pressure on your nose bridge and leave noticeable marks.

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