Author: Eric Johnson
Date: September 29, 2022

How to Look Gorgeous in Bridal Eye Lenses on Your Wedding Day

These days, bridal lenses are really fashionable. And the brides are attempting to wear contact lenses whether they have vision issues or not. It's because it will make their eyes look more beautiful. The bride's contact lenses also appear sparkling and magnificent in pictures. However, you must be aware of a few lens-usage hints and guidelines before deciding to utilize contact lenses.

Aren't the women who are blessed with stunning and uncommon eye colors really lucky? These women have such gorgeous eyes that it seems like they don't even need to wear makeup. That's what drives so many of us to desire coloured eyes, and our only option is to get contact lenses in order to achieve those mesmerizing eyes. 

Here is some advice on how to pull off the coloured eye appearance on the most important day of your life, women, while using contact lenses.

Tips & Tricks For Wearing Lenses On Your Wedding Day

Tips & Tricks For Wearing Contact Lenses On Your Wedding Day

1. Make a test run first

It is essential for you to wear your contact lenses at least 2-3 times before your wedding if you have never worn coloured lenses or even normal number ones. You can't just put on contact lenses for the first time on your wedding day because they take some getting used to, and ladies, coloured lenses are much harder. To look your best on your wedding day, you should also know in advance what color contacts best compliment your skin tone and wedding dress. To be absolutely certain of what you want, we advise having a practice run or even two before the big day.

2. Wear Your Own Contact Lenses

Ladies, as ridiculous as it may sound, do not let someone else put your contact lenses in. Please practise multiple times, but only with clean hands and on your own. If the bridal makeup artist's nail pokes your eyes or if the lens doesn't settle properly, things might get pretty unpleasant. You'll get red, watering eyes that won't return to normal for a few hours, and in the interim, you'll be in excruciating discomfort. Have faith in your ability to handle things on your own and incorporate contact lenses into your wedding.

3. Put on a new pair

If you are familiar with contact lenses, you are aware that it is customary to wear a brand-new pair on your wedding day. As they haven't been touched or filthy in any way, your brand-new pair will ensure that you experience the fewest problems possible. Ladies, please take note that you should never use old lenses. We promise that if you find yourself in a "red eye" circumstance on the most important day of your life, it will be a terrible experience. 

4. Always Keep a Spare Pair on You

There have been countless reports of lenses that have broken off and vanished into thin air, been accidentally misplaced, or required to be changed after an accident but had no spares. No one would want to experience such a situation on their wedding day when there are already ten thousand things happening together, even though it may not seem like a major concern right now. Therefore, to avoid experiencing any of these problems, our recommended approach is to always, always carry a spare set of contact lenses on hand.

5. Your best friend is the Lens Solution.

 On your wedding day, don't just rely on sealed contacts, which come with lens solutions already in them. What if you drop the open packet and the lens solution leaks everywhere? It will be a terrifying experience for you. So that you can properly clean your lenses and know that you have additional solution on hand, don't forget to store the lens solution with your lenses.

 6. Wear your contact lenses before applying makeup.

 Sometimes the moment you put the lenses on, your eyes begin to moisten. Since you are poking your eye, it is entirely natural, but it is terrible for the makeup because it will almost certainly ruin something. You must put on your lenses before applying your bridal makeup for this reason. In fact, it will be beneficial because your eyes will have ample time to adjust to the lenses, allowing you to sit through the makeup application comfortably.

 7. Inform your Beautician that you wear contacts.

If you want to wear contacts on your wedding day, let your makeup artist know in advance so they can prepare items that are suitable for your eyes. For example, you wouldn't want to apply eyeliner to your inner eyelid if you were wearing contact lenses, and you wouldn't want to use powder eyeshadow either. To use your contact lenses safely and without incident, keep her informed.

 8. Keep a backup pair of glasses handy.

 You should always have a backup plan, even though we have provided you with advice on how to use contact lenses at your wedding so that you won't need to wear your glasses despite having the lenses. If you want to prevent any last-minute surprises, only bring your glasses. Even if the worst happened, you wouldn't accidentally run into anything on your wedding day. When the party's over and it's time for you to relax, you can also have glasses to wear.

Now that you're wearing contacts, we hope you feel at ease doing so on your special day. You can also visit Best Contact Lenses Dealers in Kerala, they will assist you in picking up your best lenses.


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