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At Ejones Opticals, we aim to assist consumers in Kerala to find genuine Lamborghini products at authorized resellers that can provide a quality shopping experience!
Vyshakh MVyshakh M
01:01 13 Jul 22
I bought two pairs of eyewear from ejones, Their service was excellent and the choices of Mauijim prescription sunglasses and RayBan wayfarer... authentic lenses were the right choices for me. Extremely happy with brand , quality & more
Gopiram KrishnaGopiram Krishna
15:57 11 Jul 22
Good service and after sales service…. Highly recommend all to to visit the above opticals
Georgy AbrahamGeorgy Abraham
04:52 20 Nov 21
Amazing service. First itself they welcomed me and showed me all the options that would suit my faceshape.Then in depth told me all the diff types... of lenses availiable and their differences.The price too was competitive as compared to some of the other shops that I visitedread more
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Why You Should Own a Pair Of Lamborghini Sunglasses

Lamborghini, the legendary Italian automotive brand, has extended its luxurious touch beyond cars to sunglasses, and owning a pair of Lamborghini sunglasses offers a unique blend of style and prestige.

Lamborghini sunglasses are a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence, making them a must-have accessory for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship. One of the most compelling reasons to own Lamborghini sunglasses is their unmatched style. Drawing inspiration from the sleek lines and aerodynamic shapes of their supercars, Lamborghini sunglasses exude a sense of power and sophistication. The designs are bold, modern, and infused with the brand's unmistakable identity. Whether you prefer a classic aviator style or a contemporary frame, Lamborghini offers a range of options that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Best Selling Lamborgini Sunglasses

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Lamborghini Aviator Sunglasses
The aviator style is a timeless classic and is often sought after by individuals who appreciate its iconic design. Lamborghini offers aviator sunglasses that embody the brand's luxurious and sporty image, featuring sleek frames and high-quality lenses.
BMW Sunglasses in Kerala
Lamborghini Square Sunglasses
Square-shaped sunglasses have become a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts, and Lamborghini has introduced its own range of square sunglasses. These models typically showcase a bold and modern design with a square frame shape, providing a contemporary and sophisticated look.
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Lamborghini Wraparound Sunglasses
Lamborghini also offers wraparound sunglasses, which are known for their sporty and dynamic appearance. These sunglasses often feature a wraparound frame design that provides a comfortable fit, enhanced eye protection, and a distinctive style. They are favored by those who seek both fashion and functionality in their eyewear.
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The Best Place To Buy Sunglasses In Kerala

Ejones Opticals is the best place to buy branded sunglasses in Kerala. We provide the finest quality, the widest selection of eyeglasses and choices for your other prescription glasses, the best pricing, and awesome customer service throughout Kerala!

We offer not only sunglasses but also prescription glasses, contact lenses, and eye solutions with modern technology. We sincerely care about you, which is why we provide special eye care as well as the most up-to-date eyewear selections.

At Ejones Opticals, we provide authentic eyeglasses and sunglasses for people out in Kerala! Our every glass has:
• A certificate of authenticity and warranty is included
• A high-quality branded carrying case or pouch is included.
• The logo is embedded into the frame
• A serial number is printed on the inside of the arm
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I purchase Lamborghini sunglasses in Kerala?
You can find Lamborghini sunglasses in Kerala at authorized eyewear retailers, luxury boutiques, select optical shops, and Ejones Optical. It is advisable to visit Lamborghini's official website or contact their customer service for a comprehensive list of authorized sellers in Kerala, including Ejones Optical. By purchasing from authorized retailers like Ejones Optical, you can ensure that you are obtaining genuine Lamborghini sunglasses with the associated quality and warranty.
What is the price range of Lamborghini sunglasses in Kerala?
The price range for Lamborghini sunglasses in Kerala can vary depending on the specific model, design, and materials used. Lamborghini sunglasses are considered luxury eyewear, so prices tend to be higher compared to regular sunglasses. Prices can range from moderate to high-end, with certain limited edition or specialty models commanding a premium price.
Are Lamborghini sunglasses available in prescription lenses?
Yes, Lamborghini offers prescription lenses for their sunglasses. Many models can be customized with prescription lenses to cater to individual vision correction needs. It is recommended to consult with an optometrist or optical shop that offers prescription services to discuss your requirements and explore the available options.
Do Lamborghini sunglasses come with a warranty?
Yes, Lamborghini sunglasses typically come with a manufacturer's warranty. The specific warranty terms and duration may vary, so it is recommended to check the warranty information provided with the sunglasses or inquire with the authorized retailer from whom you purchase the sunglasses. The warranty typically covers manufacturing defects but may not cover accidental damage or normal wear and tear.

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