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Ejones Opticals is one of the best and oldest opticals in Kannur serving the people of Kannur. We offer our patients a complete and in-depth consultation thanks to our cutting-edge tools and our optometrists' expertise and experience. We strive to provide you with the greatest healthcare and eyeglasses for all of your visual requirements. 

Our varied selections cover a wide range of designs, shades, and materials. From eyeglasses to contact lenses and everything in between. We worked a lot to select the best the world has to offer in eyewear, making Ejones Opticals, the best opticals in Kannur.
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Best Opticals in Kannur

Why We Are The Best Opticals In Kannur?

At Ejones Opticals we take pleasure in providing more than just the essentials. Our thorough eye examinations offer us plenty of time to fine-tune your prescription for glasses, carefully assess the health of your eyes, and discuss any questions or concerns. In other words, you won't ever feel like a sausage at Ejones Opticals!
We believe that choosing eyewear is a big personal decision. We can assist you in choosing the best glasses for your face shape and personal style from our opticals in Kannur. We hand-select frames from our opticals based on their distinctive style, premium materials, and superb craftsmanship.
Highly Qualified Staff
We can provide an extraordinary level of service and diagnose even the most difficult vision problems and spectacle prescriptions thanks to our staff's high level of training.
Level Of Expertise
We have reached a level of expertise that enables us to properly fit various varieties of eyewear, including contacts and glasses.

Customer-Friendly Environment
The wants and demands of our clients are our top priority at our opticals in Kannur. With loyalty and good intentions, we create a fantastic customer experience.

Advanced Eye Testing
We use the most recent eye-testing equipment. Our eye clinic is the only optical clinic in Kannur that has phoropter technology. We conduct contactless discussions with the consumers using the most recent technology.
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Our Special Services

With two branches located in the heart of Kannur, at Unity Complex Payyanur and K.S.R.T.C. Complex Payyanur, we have the benefit of being in convenient locations for the majority of Kannurians. Our staff is always happy to accommodate same-day eye exams, assuring you that your vision and eye health are in excellent shape.
Working with computer screens can also affect your eyes, resulting in indicators of fatigue, strain, and even a decline in prescription. We'll always attempt to accommodate your busy schedule, whether you visit at the start of the day or over lunch.
We also have a glazing lab on-site that can make up same-day glasses for you if an eye exam reveals that you do require glasses or if you simply need replacement glasses. This also applies to fixing broken glasses. Whether it's a loose arm or a lens that has popped out of its frame, our opticals have experts on hand to fix your spectacles while you wait.

Ready to upgrade your eyewear game?

We are looking to change the way you see the world, Looking for the best eyewear in Kerala? Look no further than Ejones Opticals!.
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Payyanur Branch

Address:  Unity Complex, Payyanur. 
Tele: +91 4985205553
Mobile: +91 8921835063

Perumba Branch

Address:  KSRTC Complex, Payyanur
Tele: 04985203554
Mobile: +91 8848195859