Author: Eric Johnson
Date: July 11, 2022

Best Lifestyle And Dietary Practices for Healthy Eyes

It is often believed that loss of eyesight is an inevitable part of aging, but the truth is that a healthy

lifestyle can significantly reduce your chances of that happening.

There are certain habits that you can include in your diet and lifestyle that are simple, but effective, for eye health. We have listed a few important ones which you can make a part of your life immediately.

Have a healthy and balanced diet

A healthy diet is always the number one best practice for anything that has to do with your body, chances are you already have one. 

Great, keep going! 

But you might want to think about the kind of nutrients that would help maintain and boost your eyesight.

The most popular advice, you might already know about it, is Carrots and Vitamin E. 

The pigment that gives carrots its red-orange colour, beta carotene, is also great for your eyes. Your body would convert it to another essential nutrient, Vitamin A.

Similarly a lot of nutrients are pigment-based and people are encouraged to have colourful fruits and veggies to promote overall health, from your leafy-green vegetables like spinach to deep yellow mangoes.

Omega-3 fattys are great too, and an excellent source for those would be tuna, salmon and other fatty fish. 

Exercise regularly to make sure these nutrients are distributed throughout your body well!

Give your eyes a break

The recommendations are to not stare at a screen for more than 20-minutes, but that may be a bit hard for us to remember.

The root issues here are the constant exposure to blue light from the screen and that we tend to blink much less when we are staring which causes a lot of strain to our eyes.

There are a couple of ways to tackle this issue:

  • Get a pair of glasses with a blue-light filter
  • Use a blue-light filter feature or app in your device
  • Be more conscious of blinking, maybe just close your eyes and take deep breaths every now and then which would also give rest to your brain.

Especially in the dark, when the lights are out and you’re in bed staring at your phone. The intensity of exposure is enough to disrupt quality sleep.

Quality sleep is your body’s way of doing maintenance on itself and that includes your eyes.

Routine visits to eye test centers

People often struggle with poor eyesight for a long time before they realize it, which impacts their quality of life a good chunk of time.

Make it a habit to get your eyes tested once in a while, it won’t cost much and can save you a lot of trouble down the line.

This is especially true for young children. Both parents and children may be frustrated with why school he/she haven’t been doing well lately, only realizing that they may need glasses much later on.

Eye exams can also spot diseases early-on and give you the necessary instructions and care as to how to avoid them. Eye diseases like glaucoma will not show symptoms.

Here’s what most eye exams look like:

  • A test to check the shape of your cornea; presbyopia (related to age), astigmatism (blurry vision due to curved cornea), near-sighted, far-sighted
  • After dilation, a microscopic and an external check of your eyes
  • Special checks for glaucoma
  • Discussions pertaining to medical and family history

Now that you’re more aware of the safety of your eyes, you might have further queries that need to be answered or you may have already detected a problem with your eyes’ health.
Do get in touch with one of our specialists, let us help you out.

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